Don’t Post-pone your packages; deadlines are near

If you're looking to send packages overseas, you'll want to make it a priority

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The United States Postal Service in Rapid City says parcel shipments are up 60 percent from this same time last year, so getting your parcels in before deadlines will be important this year.

Lyle Lacroix, postmaster of the USPS in Rapid City, urged customers to get their packages in sooner rather than later, especially if packages are going overseas.

Given the concern over packages being stolen off of front porches during this busy time, you can customize your drop-off point.

“You can actually request where to leave the package at as well, if there’s a specific spot they want it delivered to, they can go there and request that,” LaCroix explained. “We print those out every day, give them to the carriers. They’ll get the packages and leave them there.”

If you’re looking at sending packages overseas, here are some of the deadlines coming up for those shipments.

  • Dec. 11 – Cards, Letters and priority mail
  • Dec. 18 – Priority mail express military service
  • Use good, strong boxes and good packing tape – no duct tape or masking tape
  • No shoe boxes or any packages that have alcohol labeling on the outside

Next Tuesday is the first deadline for cards, letters and priority mail packages. The USPS also requests that you put your address and information on a card inside the package and not to reuse old shipping boxes. Make sure you write the service members full name, include the unit and APO address with the 9-digit zip code