Don’t forget dear old dad this Father’s Day


RAPID CITY, S.D. – Let’s face it dads can be hard to shop for.  Many can be pretty reserved about their wants and needs and if they do want something they just go out and get it.

We asked several Rapid City Dads Friday what they wanted most this Father’s Day.

“I would love a wonderful steak. A nice, you know, drink cold beverage. It’s going to be hot. So a nice cold beverage. And just to hang out with my family and my kids,” said Rapid City father of three David Schmalz. 

While we got a wide variety of answers – everything from different elected officials to decreasing inflation – the general consensus among fathers is that their children are their greatest gift of all and what they want most is to spend time with them having a shared experience and making memories.

They also agreed that the greatest Father’s Day gift that they gave their fathers was time spent together.

We would love to see your photos of you and your dad and of dads with their children.

Submit your photos below and share with us what makes your dad special.

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