Doctors at Monument Health in Custer keeping community informed during COVID-19 pandemic

CUSTER, S. D. — Custer County has not had a positive COVID-19 test, but that hasn’t stopped people from avoiding the hospital, fearful of exposure.

Monument Health Physicians, Dr. Lisa Brown and Dr. Joy Falkenberg, applaud the community’s efforts to stop COVID-19 from spreading. They’re asking anyone with serious ailments to still come to the hospital.

“What we’re finding is people are so good in Custer about following the rules, that people were staying away from the emergency department when they had critical illnesses,” said Falkenberg.

Tele-medicine has been utilized to reduce the number of patients being seen in the hospital. There are illnesses and symptoms that requires in person evaluation.

“I know people are going to want to use the tele-visits for, ‘hey would you look at my sprained ankle’ but you really can’t do it,” said Dr. Lisa Brown. “Orthopedic exams, you can’t do an abdominal exam, those are things we need to do in person.”

Doctors Brown and Falkenberg have both been keeping people updated on the latest COVID-19 science and information through their social media accounts.

Both agree that mis-information can be dangerous.

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