Do you have kids that want to further their skiing skills? Check out this option in the Black Hills!

Bh Ski TeamLEAD, S.D.– While it brings in many visitors from the Black Hills and even from out-of-state, Terry Peak is also home to the Black Hills Ski Team. Danielle Giuseffi, a parent volunteer for the Black Hills Ski Team Board, explains more about the program.

What is the Black Hills Ski Team?

“The Black Hills Ski Team is an opportunity for kids ages five through 19 who are interested in learning more about skiing,” Giuseffi explained. “Both in terms of gaining confidence and skills on the mountain and also learning how to race.” Depending on which one families choose, kids will work with coaches in the program to practice and prepare for racing events or develop their skills to become what the program officials refer to as “all-mountain skiers.” And unless weather conditions are a risk to safety, kids are also trained to be all-weather athletes.

Are there any prior requirements needed to join the program?

Yes. Regardless of joining the team or the development program, officials require children know how to do the following:

  • Independently load and unload from a chair lift
  • navigate/feel comfortable on blue (intermediate) terrain
  • ski with poles
  • put on their own boots and skis

An important reminder as well for anyone interested: all skiers must have a valid Terry Peak season pass, and keep it on them at all times during practices.

When does the team practice?

The season usually goes from mid-December through March of the following year. Kids practice on the Stewart Slope Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., and Sundays 8:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Attendance is not mandatory, but parents are encouraged to let coaches know if their child will not be attending.

Why is it something to possibly sign my kids up for?

As a parent of skiers in the program, Giuseffi has seen not just their skills grow since enrolling both of her children in the program. “I am really grateful because I have seen just how how much their confidence has improved there. They feel like they’re able to ski anything,” she explained. Giuseffi started her kids on the ski team shortly after they both turned five, and are now seven and 11 years old as they still continue in the program. “And I think the other great thing about being a part of the ski team is the relationships they build. It is really fun for them to get together and be with other kids who just really love this game.”

My kids are interested in learning more about skiing. Where do I sign them up?

More information on the program and on registration for the team can be found here.

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