Do NOT throw out your pumpkins! Bring them to this Box Elder Farm instead!

BOX ELDER, S.D.– The Charm Farm Refuge in Box Elder has use for old pumpkins and vegetables, so do not throw them out yet!

Why bring them the old food

The Charm Farm Refuge helps care for animals that have been surrendered for different reasons. As a way to feed the animals, they always look for donations of old food items, especially during fall and winter holidays. After Halloween, used and unused pumpkins can be brought to their farm at 14970 Eagle Ranch Road in Box Elder. Whether painted, carved, going soft, or any different state, the pumpkins are given to animals such as goats, pigs, and chickens.

“We are lucky enough that sometimes, you know, we get produce from grocery stores that are no longer able to use it and we can take it to the animals,” Public Relations Specialist for the farm Katrina Meth said. “But if you have anything that you don’t think that you can use, of course we’ll be able to use it for the animals.”

How to donate

Goats Eating PumpkinsDonations in Box Elder and the surrounding area are picked up as part of the “Great Pumpkin Heist” the Friday and Saturday after Halloween. Donations brought to the farm are also accepted, but they ask people call in advance. Additional contact information can be found here. The farm has staff that help keep it running, but also rely on volunteer work to help care for the animals.

Can I bring my pumpkins/unused food after Halloween/October?

Yes. While they do collect the pumpkins after Halloween, other gourds, squash, etc. can also be brought over for the animals after October.

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