District 34 Representative Mike Derby kicks off re-election campaign

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With the 2022 election year just around the corner, candidates have begun the process of launching their campaigns.

Mike Derby kicks off re-election campaign in Rapid CitySaturday morning, District 34 Representative Mike Derby kicked off his re-election campaign with a community service project.

Derby, alongside his family and friends, gathered in the recycling parking lot outside Fitzgerald Stadium in Rapid City to clean up the yard waste drop-off site.

During this past year’s session, Derby spearheaded the legislature’s efforts to learn as much as they could about how to manage legalized medical and recreational marijuana. He was also on the House committee tasked with re-drawing legislative district lines following the 2020 census.

As he looks ahead to a second term, Derby has declared a couple of priorities.

“As a businessman for over 30 years, I always look through legislation with the lens of a business person. What is this legislation going to do to impact the business people? What are the barriers we can get out of the way?” Derby asked. “I’ve been involved over the years with Ellsworth Air Force Base in Box Elder and past Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee and Ellsworth Task Force, and been through the base realignment and closure commission process,” he adds. “And so those are two things that I’m very interested in.”

Derby has lived in the west Rapid City area since the mid 1960s. He attended elementary, junior, and senior high schools in the area before getting his degree at the University of South Dakota.

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