District 31 crackerbarrel touches on marijuana, education

SPEARFISH, S.D. — District 31 held a Saturday morning cracker barrel for the northern hills community, and attendance was high.

State representatives Mary Fitzgerald and Scott Odenbach, along with Senator Tim Johns, took part in the session at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish.

Two popular topics were legalized marijuana and education.

“I will be introducing two bills before the House Judiciary Committee, and those have to do with marijuana. And whether you have voted for marijuana, or you’re against it, these laws or these bills will be will be applicable,” said Mary Fitzgerald, District 31 representative. “One has to do with smoking marijuana in a motor vehicle, and the second one has to do with setting an impairment level.”

Fitzgerald says her bill will propose a two-nanogram limit.

On education, the panel discussed a bill that would put a heavier emphasis on South Dakota history and more conservative education, especially in higher education institutions.

“We don’t want our children to be indoctrinated to any great degree. But, you know, we were all taught a lot of things as young people, and it is a form of we want you to have this train of thought versus another one. Whether you want to call it indoctrination or not, probably a matter of degree,” said Tim Johns, State Senator District 31.

Attendees were also concerned about the abortion bill and combining the departments of natural resources and agriculture.

The current legislative session ends with veto day on March 29.

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