Discussion breathes new life into medical marijuana framework

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The lack of an agreement on the framework for medical marijuana has all but not end the discussion among state lawmakers. As they look ahead to Veto Day, there is the possibility of a special session to finish the work they started in January.

Rapid City District 34 Representative Mike Derby says negotiations remain on-going in bill proposals.

Main topics of debate include the number of plants a person is allowed to grow, certain aspects of decriminalization, ingestion, and rules regarding caregivers.

As of now, medical marijuana is legal July 1.

“We got to get things implemented,” said Derby. “We got to get rules promulgated, talk about how we do distribution, seed to sale tracking, and so I would be in favor of a special session. I find it really hard to accomplish all of this on Veto Day.”

Lawmakers will convene on Monday for Veto Day. Derby says the day will likely be taken up by discussion on House Bill 1217 – the bill that “promotes continued fairness in women’s sports.”

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