Did you win the Salvation Army’s “Ring for Bling” drawing? Check here!

Salvation Army Of Black Hills Kat Stark Winner Tom Rau And Riddles Jewelers Store Manager Jordan Walter Posing For A PhotoRAPID CITY, S.D.– Back for its third season, The Salvation Army of the Black Hills and Riddle’s Jewelers in Rapid City have announced the winner of their “Ring For Bling” drawing: Tom Rau.

Rau is a realtor in the area and has volunteered to ring the bell as part of his realtor group for over 10 years and almost did not believe he had won. “I got a call and I wondered if I had purchased a raffle ticket someplace and kind of spaced out that I had actually put a slip in for the Ring to Bling giveaway,” he said. “We were given that. So I was I was kind of confused but excited that somebody told me I won.”

Rau was selected from over 50 volunteers to win a diamond necklace valued at $900. Store Manager of Riddle’s Jewelers in Rapid City, Jordan Walter, and Development Director for the Salvation Army of the Black Hills, Kat Stark, spoke about the event during the presentation of the prize on Monday.

What is the “Ring For Bling” Giveaway?

The annual giveaway is a special incentive to help draw more volunteers in for the annual Red Kettle Campaign. The Red Kettle Campaign usually takes place through the holiday season and is one of the largest fundraiser for The Salvation Army nationwide. “Anybody that volunteered to ring the bells for our holiday kettles this season was entered to win this beautiful pendant– diamond pendant compliments of Riddle’s jewelry valued at $900,” Stark said.

According to Stark, volunteers had to have spent a minimum two hours ringing a bell for the campaign and filled out a paper with their information to be eligible to win the necklace. This year marked the third season that the giveaway was going on and of the partnership with Riddle’s Jewelers.

“We like to be involved in the community because that’s ultimately what keeps us in business. So, however, we can give back to the community is great as well,” Walter said. Riddle’s Jewelers has served the Rapid City and Midwest area for decades, opening their first-ever store in the Midwest region in 1959. The “Ring for Bling” Giveaway is one of their biggest community events during the holiday season, and Walter says they have more in-progress for the summer season.

How does Riddle’s select the necklace?

According to the store manager, a group of employees at the jeweler select the piece based on how it looks, what they have seen is popular, and more. “The style changes every year and we have a lot of different styles in the store, different lines,” Walter said. “So whatever is kind of popular in fashion just throughout the year is kind of what we decide on.”

This year, the necklace selected featured a 5/8 carat “heartbeat diamond” that moves in the middle and also has 10 carat white gold features on it.

What is the winner going to do with it?

“This will be going on someone special’s neck,” Rau said with a smile.

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