Did Governor Noem address the important topics facing South Dakota? Area leaders weigh in with reactions


20230110 134328 1PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem delivered her 5th State of the State Address of her administration. Noem touches on her campaign promise to cut the grocery tax, a new paid family leave proposal, and her plans for the future of South Dakota. Here are some reactions from local leaders to the address.

Senator Casey Crabtree (R-District 8) 

“The State of South Dakota is truly strong. Going into the new session, lawmakers have a full plate. We have a lot of opportunities to strengthen our economy, support our communities, and improve the lives of our residents. We also have some tough issues to tackle like prison funding and support for rural healthcare and long-term care for seniors. I’m confident the Republican majorities can come together with the governor for the best path forward for South Dakota.”

Photos from the State of the State Address:

House Democratic Leader Oren Lesmeister (D-District 28A)

“I enjoyed hearing about job creation and economic development in the state, but we’re here to solve problems, not sugarcoat the truth, and Governor Noem didn’t talk about the real problems our state faces. With so many open jobs across the state, where does our workforce come from and how do we provide the housing those folks will require?”

“I commend the Governor on her proposal on paid family leave, but we need a plan to replace those folks in the workforce, too.”

Representative Mike Derby (R-District 34)

“There’s a paid family program that’s being used for state employees. She wants to raise that to up to 100% salary for 12 weeks, but then also extend that to private businesses to create a pool so they can use the street risk pool for paid family leave. It’s an innovative concept.”

Senator Helene Duhamel (R-District 32)

“Lots of people looking for tax relief. At the same time, we have huge needs in investing, whether it’s water or incarceration or, you know, our schools. The list goes on and on and on.”

Senate Democratic Leader Reynold Nesiba (D-District 15)

“What I was most disappointed about, both with Governor Noem’s speech and her overall approach, is the lack of attention to the child care crisis in South Dakota. South Dakota is the only state in the country that doesn’t have an early education council. We’re one of a handful of states that has no state aid to fund early education, and this is compounded by the fact that we spend very little state funding on childcare. If we are going to have affordable, high-quality childcare that pays a living wage, then the state is going to have to step up and do its share.”

“If we’re bringing new people and new families to South Dakota, we have to address this childcare crisis to build our workforce and to meet the needs of all South Dakota families, including those that are already here.”

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