Despite challenges, new Box Elder subdivision set to begin development soon

BOX ELDER, S.D. —  Development is ongoing in communities around Rapid City, as fast-paced growth continues and an expected influx of military personnel at Ellsworth looms.

Nearly 1,400 acres west of Radar Hill Road and south of Highway 14/16 will soon be the home of a “city within a city.”

Gordon Howie, a partner of Alpha Land Company, says, “Right now we are within – I would say days, if not a week or two – of being able to begin developing, actually. Everything up to this point has been foundational.”

The Alpha Omega subdivision will take up nearly 25 percent of Box Elder’s land, and contain housing, commercial, and even light industrial infrastructure.

Phase One, which was approved by the Box Elder City Council on June 7, will include 53 single family homes and four multi-family apartment buildings.

Alpha OmegaThe development hasn’t been without its challenges, especially accessibility. That tract of land is surrounded on all sides with train tracks, the interstate and highway, and existing subdivisions. Expanded roadway access, Howie says, will bring more economic activity to the area and help facilitate continued growth.

“Cheyenne Boulevard will connect Radar Hill Road with Elk Vale, and it goes directly through our property. Then our plan is to connect Cheyenne Boulevard to Highway 14/16 on a street running north and south called West Gate.”

Housing is already in short supply across the Black Hills, and with the B-21 Raider coming in the mid-2020’s, that supply will only get tighter.

“We’ll be well ahead of it, because we believe we could even have lots online and building starting yet this year,” Howie adds.

Howie says the City of Box Elder has been working diligently with them.

“The Alpha Omega Subdivision is an exciting part of the continuing transformation of the city as we meet the needs of a vibrant and growing community”, said Matt Connor, the public information officer for the City of Box Elder.

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