Derby discusses recent marijuana legislation at WDT cracker barrel

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On the minds of many at the Western Dakota Tech cracker barrel was marijuana legislation.

While Amendment A works through court, legislators have been proposing work-arounds that would prepare them for the eventual legalization.

Most recently, Senate Bill 187 – proposed by State Representative Mike Derby – was passed out of the Senate. At a vote of 19-16, the bill would provide the sale of adult use retail marijuana.

But Derby stresses the bill will not legalize the use or sale, but would instead provide the framework for use and sale once legalized.

“So we’re trying to create a safety net, a framework using existing statute and businesses that already sell adult use products throughout the state of South Dakota. I think we’re all on the same page, we want to maximize revenue for the state of South Dakota, we want to get rid of the black market as much as possible, we want to provide local control, and we want to use an existing network or adult use retailers,” Derby said.

The bill will move to the House State Affairs this week for final approval.

The final cracker barrel will be held next weekend, March 6.

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