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Dr. Aaron Studer, DDS from Advanced Dental Professionals touches on the best oral hygiene products and answers other dental questions.

Q: Why do people get wisdom teeth get taken out?

Dr. Aaron Studer, DDS from Advanced Dental Professionals says, “Wisdom teeth are our third set of molars that come in, they usually come in as we turn 17 to 21 years of age, so we are a little more mature — hence the name, wisdom teeth. We are supposed to be wiser as we get older … there’s lots of reasons — most the time there’s a pain factor involved because of them not coming in correctly, then they’re causing issues like Pericoronitis which is infection around the crown, that can in get into the gum tissues and cause a lot of pain. They can come in incorrectly to the point where they’re actually absorbing the second molars (the teeth that are right in front of them), they can come in incorrectly and launching towards the tongue towards the roof of the mouth. So there’s lots of reasons to take them out and that’s why people end up getting them out though.”

Dr. Studer also adds that some people can keep them in — if their mouth allows and they can keep them clean.

Q: How do I know what toothpaste and other oral hygiene products to use?

“Any dentist is always going to recommend looking for the ADA seal … The ADA is backed by science … I recommend any toothpaste any floss, anything that’s got that seal on it; it’s the way to go,” says Studer.

That advice goes the same for other products like floss and mouthwash, which also help to prevent against periodontal disease and gingivitis by attacking bacteria. Dr. Studer promotes anything that cleans the oral cavity, including teeth brushing phone apps as well as electronic toothbrushes.

Q: Is gum bad for your oral hygiene?

Studer adds, “What I would recommend and again, what the ADA will recommend, is a gum with xylitol … it’s going to help promote saliva flow, which in turn is going to help bathe your teeth with a protective saliva. And if you just eat, it actually helps kind of a protect from the acids that can be created by the bacteria that can cause decay.”

Some of those gum brands include B-Fresh, Trident and Orbit.


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