Dental Checkups: Start Early!

(KUSA)  Decades ago, taking care of baby teeth was not something most parents were told to worry about; however, doctors now know that decay can stay in a mouth even after those primary teeth fall out.

“Everybody that I can think of, every organization, recommends an age one dental visit,” Scott Hamilton with Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Pediatric Dental Clinic says. “There’s a lot of kids that come in on a third birthday and they have cavities on practically every tooth.”

The Children’s Hospital sees about 3,000 cases a year where kids are in the operating room because of decay in their teeth.

“We had one child not too long ago that was 14 months old,” Hamilton says. “They had 12 teeth in and we had to do six extractions and six crowns. Every tooth in the mouth.”

It’s a situation that can be avoided with an early dental check-up and general maintenance.

Teeth start coming in when a child is about six months old, and Hamilton recommends brushing right away, especially considering the amount of sugar in pretty much everything except water.

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