Deer harvesting plan up for discussion

RAPID CITY, S.D. —The deer management plan by Rapid City Parks and Recreation has been in place for about 25 years to manage the urban deer population.

The council is set to discuss this year’s proposal to harvest 250 deer in the city limits for the upcoming season. The number is the same that has been proposed by Parks and Rec for the past two years, although there have been as many as 300 deer harvested in a year.

Parks and Recreation staff usually go out first thing in the morning during January to hunt the deer, which will be processed and the venison donated.

“It has the benefit of not only reducing the numbers of deer within the city limits that could cause deer vehicle crashes, private property damage from eating peoples landscaping and that sort of stuff, but then also provides necessary meat for Feeding South Dakota,” said Parks and Recreation Director, Jeff Biegler.

Last year, Parks and Recreation processed between three and four thousand pounds of meat for the community.

The upcoming deer harvest plan will go before the common council on Monday.

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