A FREE, helpful seminar designed for local businesses to make your marketing work harder.

3 convenient 1-hour sessions available:
July, 16 @ Noon • July, 16 @ 4 pm • July, 17 @ 8:30 am
at the Hilton Garden Inn

  • Learn how to build your digital foundation
  • Find out what is new in the digital landscape
  • FREE Digital Diagnosis
  • Light Lunch/Snack
  • A $3,000 marketing package given away per session
  • Brought to you by industry experts
  • Limited space

Our Experts

Our Local Sales Team


Did you know Local News websites are a highly sought after target on display ad networks?

Why chance your opportunity to reach local news consumers, when you can guarantee your placement with the Black Hills only locally owned and operated TV news organization?

OVER 500,000 average monthly page views
OVER 250,000 average unique monthly visitors

Pencil Pushdowns • Page Takeovers • Sponsorships • Pre-Roll • Mobile • Category Specific

PROGRAMMATIC DISPLAY is designed to boost any business seeking to get their message in front of their precise target market.


Our programmatic display is widely connected and integrated with all major data exchanges, allowing for the best ability to get in front of YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER. 

IP TARGETING focuses on advertising to your customers based on their IP ADDRESS, the digital version of your home address.

This marketing technique allows you to reach your local target audience when they are physically home during prime times of the day (Early Morning & Late Evening).

DEVICE ID – LOOKBACK TARGETING allows you to reach new potential customers based on historical data.

Mobile phones provide a unique view into user behaviors, frequently visited locations, habits, interest and much more.

Wouldn’t you like to gain customer share from your competition or target

Geo-Targeting, Geofencing, Device ID, Microproximity…whatever buzz word you like to use; Real-time Geo-targeting allows your marketing to reach customers on their phones based on where they are in real time.

Reach people in real time and follow them through their purchase journey to your parking lot.

TV’s impact. Digital’s precision.

OTT is the biggest screen in the house, delivering premium content through an internet connected device. Allowing marketers all of the capabilities of tarted display advertising with a media they already know works; TV commercials.

Email marketing allows you directly into the mailboxes of your potential clients. It is one of the best ways in digital marketing to drive new website traffic, branding, awareness and direct response.

Our database is double opted-in with millions of subscribers who are looking for your marketing message.


Serve your digital display ad to internet users after they have searched for keywords or phrases associated with your business category.

Find your audience in the new television landscape of streaming video with Pre-roll, Facebook Video, ConnectedTV, Full Episode Players like ROKU and YouTube.

SEM and Pay per Click is a way to drive leads at the bottom of the purchasing funnel. Get your message in front of your customers when they are actively searching for your products.

As a Google Premier Partner, we pride ourselves in running campaigns adhering to Google’s best practices.

SEO is the process of getting your business to show up in search categories that are most relevant to your business.

We deliver a unique SEO product by implementing strategies throughout the year that focus on all ranking factors with local and organic algorithms.

Your website is one of the first places a person visits in their buying journey. Making it more important than ever.

Think of your website as the front desk of a hotel, if there isn’t a smiling face greeting guests visitors will not stay again.

Native ads feel like articles, they are not easily recognizable as ads since they adopt the look and feel of a website’s content.

Inviting website users to engage more.