Decadent Wine and Chocolate Stroll in Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. – Participating locations in Deadwood took part in the Valentine’s Day celebration by offering passersby a complimentary pairing of wine and chocolate. It is year two for the Chocolate and Wine Stroll, a newer annual event in Deadwood. Over a dozen of businesses collaborated in making this event happen; while some served wine and chocolate, other businesses committed to chocolate only. For some businesses, such incentives allow new faces to waltz in the door.

“The reason we decided to do it was it brings a lot of people into the gallery that wouldn’t come in here at other times, and I’ve had people tell me that too, ‘oh we’ve never been in here,’ and so that’s the main reason we do it,” said Jacob’s Gallery Manager Traci Lovell.

Wine 3

The Silverado Casino was also one of the businesses to take part in the sweet stroll. Their decadent desserts were gone in record time.

“We did 200 servings of chocolate mousse-filled chocolate cups and they went so fast. We went through a lot of Louis Cabernet today, but it was a very great event,” said Food and Beverage Director of the Silverado Casino Andi McDermott.

Both Jacob’s Gallery and the Silverado attest to great enthusiasm from participants who stopped by. Next month, Deadwood will have a St. Patrick’s celebration.

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