Deadwood’s Wild West Hackin’ Fest

DEADWOOD, S.D. — The Deadwood Mountain Grand hosted some 675 information security professionals for the 3rd annual Wild West Hackin’ Fest. The event brought professionals from around the world, including groups from Asia and the UK. The 4-day event was planned with the hope that it would allow specialists to level up their skills and defense in order to protect against cyber-attacks.

John Strand, owner of Black Hills Information Security says, “So, if you think of Wizard of Oz, you have good witches, you have bad witches. These people are the good witches in the white dresses with the tiaras.”

Along with conferences and specialized trainings, there were also hands-on labs and activities including a Wild West themed Escape Room and a locked door simulator.

Albert Mimo, the owner of Core Network Inc. explained the door simulator.

Each one of those doors has a different way of breaking into the system because they’re secured in a different fashion. And they start from easy to very hard, but they can all be broken into, and it’s part of the physical security training that they’re doing here. It’s all free and you basically can go and try different mechanisms and try certain ways to break into them. And it’s a lot of fun.

There are an abundance of resources available to those interested in information security.

“If somebody wanted to get started in computer security, there’s a number of resources that are available. You can go online and just google information security and start watching webcasts, but also on our channel on YouTube, Wild West Hackin’ Fest, we have all of our talks are available for free from previous years and this year. And also, at Black Hills information security we do webcasts every single week on a range of different topics of how attackers break in and how we can actually defend our networks better.”

The event is open to all, even those without a background in the info-sec field.


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