Deadwood retreat center offers getaway space for veterans, first responders

HONOR THEIR SERVICE: Where the hills heal the heroes

Through the trees and the hills, the Sacred Mountain Retreat Center in Deadwood stands secluded and quiet, providing a space for veterans and first responders to get away from life’s challenges.

“As a kid and growing up, we loved the Black Hills,” said Founder and President of Sacred Mountain Retreat Center, Jerrid Geving. “It’s just a neat and interesting place and our slogan is ‘where the hills heal the heroes’ and I feel there’s a lot of truth to that.”

The non-profit brings in people suffering from PTSD, drug, or alcohol abuse for a 6-day program.

“At no cost to the vets that come to the facility for healing or recharging,” said Geving. “We’ll fly them in, drive them in, house them, feed them.”

Not from a military or law enforcement background himself, Geving says he just wants to give back to those who have already given so much.

“No one gets turned down, military, first responders, if they’d like to come to the facility, they’ll have to go through a little bit of a vetting to see where they fit in,” said Geving. “We don’t want to call it high risk is more important but with the suicide rate the way that it is on our home land from our first responders and our veterans, we really want to focus on getting those numbers down.”

The retreat center, still in growing stages, aims to bring in the first group mid-March.

But first, this weekend, Geving is hosting a winter gala Saturday night at the Deadwood Lodge to raise funds to support the veterans and first responders coming in.

For more information and how to support the event, visit here.

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