Deadwood prepares for Mardi Gras celebration

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Mardi Gras is next Tuesday, and the city of Deadwood is always looking for a reason to celebrate — So they’re bring Mardi Gras to South Dakota.

For over a decade the town has hosted a number of Mardi Gras themed events to celebrate the holiday — including a nighttime parade, with floats that are covered in purple, green, and gold lights.

This year they will also have a Cajun cooking contest, where people can find booths set up all over town. You can try some from each booth and vote for your favorite.

“This year we’re particularly lucky because the temps are supposed to be warm, the weather is supposed to be clear and so there’s really not a better weekend we could’ve stumbled upon to have a light parade you know 7 o’clock on Saturday, Main Street,” says Amanda Kille, marketing director at Deadwood Chamber.

And of course it wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without beads, masks, and a ton of prizes.

The festivities begin in Deadwood starting Friday night and finishing up late Saturday night.

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