Deadwood Mayor requests temporary closing of casinos

Deadwood Casinos

DEADWOOD, S.D. — In the wake of many businesses shutting down nationwide, Deadwood Mayor David Ruth Jr. is requesting all casinos to temporarily close down until the COVID-19 threat has passed.

Ruth Jr. is asking the three following things of businesses in Deadwood:

  1. Stop allowing patrons the option of dining in at restaurants immediately. The option of take out, curb side service or delivery may still be used.
  2. Immediately cease all on-sale alcohol sales.
  3. Close down your casinos temporarily until the COVID-19 threat has passed.

The Deadwood mayor recognizes that these steps will have a significant effect on many businesses and their employees, but cited the United State’s Surgeon General’s warning.

The Surgeon General believes that “the coronavirus outbreak will worsen this week’ and that “people across the country are not taking the threat seriously enough.”

Ruth Jr. says that the businesses have the authority to make their own decisions, but also said that “the time to take things more seriously is now.”

If you would like to view the mayor’s announcement, click here.



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