Deadwood looking to update roads and sidewalks to meet ADA compliance

DEADWOOD, S.D. — The city of Deadwood is a historic town filled with historic buildings and roads – and those roads see a lot of traffic in a given year, which is why the city is planning to revamp them while also keeping their history intact.

The plan is to update waterlines on historic Main Street and make the road more ADA compliant. With the updates will come repairs to the brick street as well as the sidewalks.

In order to make sure the history of the roads remain intact, a Historic Preservation Officer will make an assessment and then send that report to the Historic Preservation Committee for final approval.

“Through that design charrette there’s discussion – do we make it a pedestrian, do we make it a one way street, do we narrow the street and widen the sidewalks, or is there something in between? Should we look at flex lanes [so] that one lane can be closed? And so all those are taken under consideration,” said Historic Preservation Officer Kevin Kuchenbecker.

This process is also followed when a business would like to alter the outside of a historic building or landmark as well.

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