Deadwood History Inc. creating prostitution museum exhibit

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Deadwood has a rich history from fossils to outlaws, and part of that history is 100 years of Deadwood prostitution.

“Why wouldn’t we tell a 104 year history that had such an impact?” said Carolyn Weber, the Executive Director of Deadwood History Inc. “It is such an integral part of the narrative of Deadwood’s history.”

Deadwood History Incorporated has been working for two years to bring the history to a museum exhibit, exploring decades of several brothels in the city leading up to the 1980 FBI raid.

“We’ll cover different time periods from 1876 to 1980 when they did close,” continued Weber, “And so we’ll incorporate all kinds of stories throughout the century with the brothels.”

A dozen former employees and locals have been interviewed about their memory of the businesses.

“Some of them had business here. They were liquor sales people. One was a cleaning lady,” continued Weber “Another was our mayor, he was just a young boy at the time, but we were able to get an interview with him.”

Though the museum is not yet ready to open, Deadwood’s other museums are open June 1.

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