Deadwood breaks ground on Outlaw Square

DEADWOOD S.D. – Five years of hard work is beginning to pay off for the city of Deadwood.

Community members broke ground on Outlaw Square downtown on Monday afternoon. The space will be similar to Rapid City’s Main Street Square. It’s located just steps away from the Historic Franklin Hotel.

The $4 million square will hold 250 days of community events, concerts, and festivals throughout the year.

According to Kevin Wagner, the executive director of Deadwood, Lead, Central City Economic Development, the square is the next step in Deadwood’s growth as a city for all, not just a tourist destination.

“It’s a good day for your community where you can benefit not only your community, but also your visitors that are going to be here in Deadwood,” he said. “So huge win on both of those fronts.”

Community leaders expect it to rake in around $1.75 million in the first three years. Once it’s built, traffic will continue on Main Street and Deadwood Street, and can be closed down to provide more space during events. Wagner said that with the streets closed down, the space will be 250 square feet bigger than Main Street Square.

Mike Gussiaas, the South Dakota Department of Tourism Global Marketing Director said that the square will breathe new life to Deadwood.

“So it’s not just the hook end of Deadwood’s history and the characters that they’ll see here, but they’ll also see all these new things for the family for the generations,” Gussiaas said. “All of that is hugely important in getting people to decide on one destination over another.”

City leaders hope to have the space up and running by labor day.

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