Deadwood attracts top snocross competitors

DEADWOOD, S.D. — The City of Deadwood welcomed 150 of the top professional snocross racers for the 8th annual AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series.

The event is the year’s largest for Deadwood and brings teams from around the world.

While many snocross drivers start at a very young age. Some, due to circumstances, came in later than others but prove that in the end it’s the hard work that really matters.

“I’m from a motocross background, I’ve raced dirt bikes my whole life,” said Daniel Benhim, pro driver for Warnert Racing. “And then when I was 14 years old, I was living in Minnesota I had to stop racing or either go down south, so I was like well, let’s give snowmobiles a try. And I was honestly not very good my first couple of years. I really struggled, but kept after it, and then it really took off fast from there, and so yeah, I’m 21 now, I haven’t been racing too long, so I’m learning something everyday, but I’m enjoying the process.”

Warnert Racing is located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota and is a prime example of the popularity of snocross. Warnert has members from as far away as Montreal and Sweden.

As for their thoughts on the Deadwood track, they find it to be intense, adding it can be more technical than other tracks as it is much smaller and tighter.

“So, one of the coolest things about the Deadwood track is that, basically all the action is happening right in front of you in the grandstands,” said Amanda Kille, Marketing Director for the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. “You’ve got racers that are racing really tight, shoulder to shoulder, and almost every single final goes down to the wire, and so that adds a lot of excitement for the racers, and especially for the spectators.

The snocross event began Saturday with Little Tike Snocross Races.

Tickets are still available, but only at the box office.

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