Deadwood another step closer to sports betting

Deadwood MasksDEADWOOD — The city of Deadwood is another step closer to sports betting within its limits.

Tuesday, the South Dakota Commission on Gaming approved a revised set of rules for sports gambling in the city. The new rules setting in place the guidelines for sports wagering service providers. One amendment made calls for a $5,000 application fee for the providers, while others modified existing language regarding the inspection of records for equipment and prohibiting suppliers from betting on their machines. The new rules now head to a legislative review committee in June before going to into effect.

With this step behind them, the Deadwood Gaming Commission is excited to keep the process is moving forward.

“The process is moving forward, and you know we certainly think that we’ll be able to have those rules in place and sports wagering happening for the football season this fall, so we’re very happy about that,” said Mike Rodman, Executive Director of the Deadwood Gaming Association.

Although sports wagering becomes legal July 1, the Commission on Gaming plans on having another meeting later that same month to discuss the inner workings for sports betting in casinos. Applications for sports wagering providers are expected to be available this Friday.

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