Deadline approaching for Rapid City Vision Fund projects

Applications due by Oct. 12.

Local developers and community leaders have just three weeks to submit applications for Vision Funds from the city to fund local projects.

The deadline is Oct. 12. Projects will be considered for a three-year plan period with an estimated $6 million in Vision Funds available annually.

The Vision Fund which was originally created to help build the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, has been used for a variety of projects since.

“Last year, we had ten projects that were funded for about $6.5 million,” said City Communications Coordinator Darrell Shoemaker. “Those included Wellfully, Rural America Initiatives, Softball, the flagpole project at the DAV, so projects large and small,” he said.

Vision fund applications will be reviewed by a citizen committee, and then they will eventually provide recommendations to the City Council. Those recommendations will happen in January.

Project applications can be found on the Vision Fund Citizen Committee page at or obtained in hard copy at the Mayor’s Office.

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