Dead birds found around Rapid City due to pigeon virus

RAPID CITY, S.D. — People have been reporting finding dead birds around Rapid City the past month and a half.

Experts say the pigeon paramyxovirus has caused some 100 Eurasian collared doves to drop dead.

“Often ties people are finding birds that can’t fly,” said Trenton Haffley, South Dakota Game Fish and Parks. “They’re somewhat paralyzed — their wings will droop. They kind of lose control of their muscles. It’s relatively fast acting and it for whatever reason seems to congregate to birds as they are dying. So it’s not uncommon to find groups of birds — dead Eurasian doves, or pigeons, five or upwards to 40 in one very small area.”

The only other species at potential risk are chickens or turkeys.

If you find dead birds, dispose of them with gloved hands, placing them in a closed lid dumpster.




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