DCI releases Custer County Sheriff’s Office shooting investigation summary

Ois Officer Involved Shooting

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PIERRE, S.D. – Division of Criminal Investigation Director David Natvig has released the summary into the shooting of Jared Frasier, 32, of Custer, SD, which occurred the evening of January 3, 2021, in Custer, SD.

The DCI, assisted by the Custer County Sheriff’s Office, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, and the South Dakota Highway Patrol conducted the investigation at the request of the Custer County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy of the Custer County Sheriff’s Office responded to 9-1-1 call regarding a domestic situation in Custer, SD, at approximately 9:16 p.m. on the evening of January 3, 2021. The deputy made contact with Frasier’s spouse, and then Frasier who was armed with a black 9mm handgun. The deputy directed Frasier to “put it away” and also to “drop the gun.” Frasier, in turn, raised the handgun toward the deputy at which point the deputy unholstered his service weapon and fired at Frasier, striking and incapacitating him.

The investigation and summary have been reviewed by Pennington County State’s Attorney Mark Vargo.

“I have reviewed the materials provided to me from the DCI investigation into the Custer County Sheriff’s Office shooting that took place on January 3, 2021,” said Vargo. “The deputy sheriff involved acted appropriately and only fired after the defendant ignored repeated demands that he put the gun down and after the defendant raised his own gun to aim it at the deputy. After considering the facts and circumstances of the incident it is my conclusion that the officer involved acted in an objectively reasonable manner and that the shooting was justified.”

“I would like to thank the Custer County Sheriff’s Office for their service and complete cooperation in this investigation,” said Natvig. “The professionalism of all the agencies involved, working alongside our DCI agents, made this a very smooth investigation.”

Custer County OIS Shooting Summary (Frasier)

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