Day of remembrance held for MMIW

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Today the Red Ribbon Skirt Society hosted a day of remembrance at the Racing Magpie in Rapid City for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Children and Two-Spirited people.

The morning started with red dresses being placed on the side and front of the building. Among the ways to honor loved ones was a tarp with a painting of a dress in the center, on which participants could place a hand print. For those looking for a more personal way to honor loved ones, the Red Ribbon Skirt Society also opened their prayer and healing room.

Although many are working to raise awareness nationally, MMIW wants to tackle the issue surrounding women on a local level. Friday’s event acting as a reminder that in the native culture women are considered sacred and are often referred to as  “Life Givers”.

“We’re losing them and so that’s a real real big concern of ours is that many of them will never have the opportunity to grow up to be a matriarch within our society,” said Lily Mendoza of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society.

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