Day of Kindness put on by Saint Thomas More raises money for local Children’s Miracle Network

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As part of Saint Thomas More Middle School’s Day of Kindness, students write an act of kindness either by them or for them on a sticky note and hang it up in the hallway.

For every sticky note one dollar is donated to the charity of their choosing. This year the students chose the Children’s Miracle Network at Monument Health.

Students at Saint Thomas More Middle School performed and documented 2,109 acts of kindness this year which more than tripled the acts of kindness from 2019.

Abby Sanders, Student Council president at STM middle school said, “Last year we only raised $500 so this year we wanted to challenge ourselves to do more. I think we felt that kindness was very important and we took more notice to it.”

This is the third year the Day of Kindness has been coordinated by the Lilli Foundation who help find a corporate sponsor for the event.

Joshua & Stacy Nehring, Live Like Lilli Foundation said, “We’re here because we lost our daughter in 2017 in a car accident. And I shared with the students here today that hard things come to everybody. But when you have a hard thing come, it’s really an opportunity for us to turn that into something good.”

This year’s Day of Kindness was sponsored by ProSmiles Dental Studio who donated the $2,109 in exchange for the acts of kindness. Children’s Miracle Network at Monument Health will use the money to provide better care for the kids in the community who need it.

Shawn Powers, Children’s Miracle Network program manager at Monument Health said, “With equipment purchases, patient comfort items, all of the ways we are able to use these funds that need is still there. We’re able to get what they need to make sure those kids are getting the best care possible.”

Saint Thomas More Middle School holds the Day of Kindness event annually and the students are hoping to do even more acts of kindness is 2021.

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