Dark Matter Day celebrated all week in the U.S. and U.K.

LEAD, S.D. — It certainly sounds like something that should be held on Halloween, Dark Matter Day, it’s actually being celebrated all week around the country. The pandemic has altered this year’s Dark Matter Day so the Sanford Underground Research Facility hosted a virtual tour of their underground laboratory.

Sanford joined with labs in the United Kingdom to bring more awareness to dark matter this year. Dark matter is a particle that makes up roughly 23% of the Universe.

Sanford is located almost 1,500 meters underground in order to let the least amount of cosmic rays into the lab and have it interfere with it’s dark matter experiments.

Jaret Heise, Sanford Underground Research Facility said, “Normal matter, stuff we know about tables, chairs, stars, planets, galaxies, make up only 5% of the Universe. In other words 95% is still waiting to be discovered.”

The goal of the underground labs is to preform an experiment where scientists can finally detect dark matter and be able to study it and find out exactly what it is.

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