Dancers in national competition are soaring high

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Civic Center was hustling and bustling on Saturday, with events ranging from a pool tournament to the much-anticipated monster trucks, to a dance competition, the center saw a lot of foot traffic.

Celebration Talent is a national talent competition that tours cities throughout the country looking for talented dancers of all genres. The organization, which began in 2008, promotes a family-friendly atmosphere where participants can invite loved ones to cheer them on while they are performing. Rapid City is the tour’s 15th city. 10 studios went head-to-head in Saturday’s competition and there was much talent to observe.

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“We always come every year and we’re always blown away by the competition. Creativity floors us every year. So we’re always blown away by the performances and the performers,” said Celebration Talent Director Mandy Mays.

All forms of dance can make an entry. Judges, known as adjudicators, say they’re always looking for that performance that takes their breath away. Tony d’Alelio says a moving performance is what he seeks in declaring a winner.

“I’m looking for dancers who have trusted their rehearsal process. Dancers who are bringing their technique and training to the stage and then are able to take that foundation and really fly and tell a story, express a feeling and reach something in here because that’s my favorite part about dance,” said d’Alelio.

 On average, Celebration Talent will visit 45 to 50 cities for the season. Final awards for Rapid City winners will take place on Sunday.

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