Dakota Honey and Bee Supplies holds grand opening at new location

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Saturday was the grand opening for Dakota Honey and Bee Supplies as they moved into their new location.

D & M Ag Supply had some extra space in their shop so they decided to partner with Dakota Honey and give them a physical location for their business.

Paul Shankle, owner of D & M Ag Supply, said “It’s just another way we can help serve the community of agriculture and help setup you know other options for folks that are trying to find a way to get into the agriculture community.”

Many people from all over the Black Hills stopped by the shop and were happy they could find their supplies in Rapid City. There has never been a bee keeping store in Rapid City and the owner of Dakota Honey thinks that this state needs more bee keepers. And due to the ever changing climate we must get our bee’s from out of state.

Joan Clements, owner of Dakota Honey and Bee Supplies, said “There are several that can handle the weather currently we are ordering in Italian and Minnesota hygienic nooks for this year and we have some Italian packages coming up from Colorado as well so those are the two that we mainly carry in this area and if someone wants a different genetic of bee we can always order in a different queen for whatever they would like.”

D & M Ag Supply is located at 3782 East SD Hwy-44 in Rapid City. For more information you can reach Dakota Honey and Bee Supplies at 605—209—9635.

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