Customers, employees relate last minute shopping woes

Christmas is here and people are desperately looking for the right gift at the last minute.

At the Rushmore Mall’s GameStop, employees braced for tidal waves of customers surging into the store.

“There are people coming in and out, and we’ve got our registers filled. We’ve got all of our employees on deck,” said Taylor Boland, Senior Guest Advisor for GameStop. “We’re trying to manage the crowd as best as we possibly can.”

For many, holiday shopping can be a stressful experience, even without the deadline.

Leana Solomon traveled to Rapid City from Gillette, Wyo. She believes the stress comes in two parts.

“It’s stressful … and then wrapping them is a whole other story,” Solomon said.

Sometimes, delaying the search can’t be helped.

Tyne Largo was found shopping at Who’s Toy House two days before Christmas. She told NewsCenter1 that raising her two children leaves little opportunity for holiday shopping.

However, she also said the time limit actually inspired her as she searched for the perfect gifts.

“I’m more of a procrastinator, honestly, and I think I get some of my best ideas at the last minute,” Largo said. “It’s kind of a rush to be around all the people and just kind of fun – more in the Christmas spirit for me, I think.”

Store owners know that it’s crunch-time for many shoppers and want to help.

Lori Moore, Caramel Creations owner, was one of many store owners whom helped customers with their Christmas shopping.

“We have people just here to help people. We have gift boxes and gift bags, and we can help them put their Christmas gifts together,” Moore said. “They give us a price and we can help them.”

Despite the hair-pulling hassle, many say it’s worth it at the end.

“It’s more of the reaction. You want to get the best gift for everybody because you want to make them happy,” Largo finished.

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