Custer woman creates anonymous, free meal kit service.

CUSTER, S.D. — A week ago Rebecca Mielnik was watching a chef on TV and was inspired to start a grassroots movement.

“I’m like, oh my gosh, this would be a great thing to do, to make meal kits and delivery them to people that are in need,” Mielnik said.

She’s creating meal kits for free, that she then delivers to families in Custer, and those who request, can remain anonymous.

“So basically we’re an anonymous, free program and what happens is, someone can identify you if you’re in need and submit you’re address and a meal kit will be delivered, or if you’re in need you can submit your address,” she said.

Mielnik has already delivered 40 meals – each kit including four servings. The kit includes a recipe and all of the ingredients needed.

Rebecca saw an opportunity to help ease worry in the community of the Black Hills.

“I would say in general, in this area, there is a concern about food.” she says. “People are definitely trying to stock up so this, like i said, helps fill that space for people who maybe don’t know how to get food, can’t afford their next meal, just something to help keep them inspired and let them know that there’s still hope.”

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