Custer State Park visitor knocked down by bison

CUSTER, S.D. — Visitors attending a weekend wedding at Custer State Park were met with a big surprise.

While walking back to their cabin on Saturday, two visitors got a little too close to the bison herd. One of the guests was knocked down by a bison, but sustained only minor injuries.

They were able to leave the area on their own accord.

“Our rut’s winding down, bison rut, which is the breeding season for bison,” said Custer State Park Visitor Services Manager Kobee Stalder.”Those cows, they have their calves still from the spring with them. And so, if any of them feel threatened or they feel like their calf is threatened, they’re going to respond in a manner according to what that animal did.”

Stalder advises that anyone at the park should keep at least 100 yards away from wildlife, a football field, or stay in their car if possible.

“If you are near wildlife or are around wildlife, if you just stick out your thumb and close one eye,” continued Stalder. “And you can see the outside of that animal on either side of your thumb, that means you’re too close and you should back up until your thumb covers that entire animal, where you can’t see that animal behind your thumb.”

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