Custer State Park campsite bill struck down in Pierre

The original proposal was to allocate roughly $10 million dollars in state funds to build over 170 campsites in Custer State Park.

PIERRE, S.D. — A bill that would have brought more than 170 new campsites to Custer State Park has been struck down in Pierre.

Campsites 5

On Tuesday, the House Agriculture and Natural Resources committee voted 9 to 3 to send House Bill 1048C to the 41st legislative day, effectively killing the bill.

Even after the funds were cut in half to reduce the number of campsites, legislators still voted against the bill.

The bill came directly from Governor Kristi Noem who made the proposal at her Budget address in December of last year.

Her proposal asked lawmakers to allocate roughly $10 million of state funds to create the campsites. It had received much scrutiny from residents and private campground owners in the area.

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