Custer hosts 46th annual Studebaker Car and Truck Show

CUSTER, S.D. — This Labor Day weekend could be considered one of the more exciting weekends for car fanatics in the Black Hills.

With several car shows displaying unique vehicles, hundreds flocked to see what is new and what is old. Custer hosted the 46th annual Studebaker Car and Truck Show. Classic cars, some modified others restored, filled Downtown Custer.

This year’s show featured Studebakers and Avantis from the 1940’s through 1967.  For some regulars, being able to reunite with fellow car lovers is but one reason why they continue to return.

“For me it’s really also the classics. I mean it’s really nice to have a piece of history. It’s nice to see the ingenuine that was done so many years ago and how that’s really survived for decades and decades and again it’s a great way to meet a great group of people” says participant Julie Smoragiewicz.  This is her fourth year attending the show.  

The event was free and onlookers were asked to cast ballots for their favorite car. Over forty cars were in attendance.

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