Custer ‘Flintstones Bedrock City’ knocked down into history

CUSTER S.D. — The Flintstones Bedrock City Campground in Custer has now been reduced to rubble.

The once iconic campground has been Yabba Dabba demolished. The 62-acre theme park and campground on Mount Rushmore Road opened in 1966 at the peak of the TV show’s popularity. The campground closed in 2015.

Inside, there was a 20-foot-tall statue of Dino at the entrance, a train ride through Dinosaur Canyon and around the park, and even a ‘Mount Rockmore’, a recreation of nearby Mount Rushmore.

The campground had putt-putt, a swimming pool, a grocery store, cabins, and campsites. Now, it’s a page right out of history.

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