Custer County Sheriff warns of arrest warrant scam

CUSTER, S.D.- The Custer County Sheriff’s Office is warning that scammers are calling local residents and using the threat of arrest warrants to steal money from the victim.

Scam Alert

Courtesy: Custer County Sheriff’s Office

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office says that the scammers go as far as manipulating the caller ID to impersonate law enforcement, and then informs the victim that they have a warrant for their arrest for a certain amount of money, from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

The alleged warrants are reported to be minor infractions, ranging from traffic violations to missing jury duty, to failing to pay income tax requirements to the Internal Revenue Service. Then, the victim is told they must either turn themselves in for arrest, or pay via an “eGift”, cash, card, or similar payment to have the warrant removed.

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens that although they sometimes make calls about warrants, they don’t and will never ask for a payment to be made over the phone.

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