Custer County call for help could have been better

CUSTER, S.D. — An elderly couple rescued near Black Elk Peak over the weekend, but the call for help could have been better.

5 10 Custer Sr Vo00 00 00 00still001The call came in Sunday evening that a couple in their 70’s went on a hike that morning and did not return. That was about all the information Custer County Search and Rescue had to work with.

To further complicate matters the report was third hand, meaning that someone asked someone else to make the call for help. This had rescuers searching multiple trails around Black Elk Peak.

The couple was found safe and sound but the incident highlights the importance of being as informative as possible during an emergency.

Director of Custer County Search and Rescue Sam Smolnisky says, “Maybe they pass it on to a staff member or something like that, and then they leave and then we have no one to follow up with and ask those questions or interview.”

If you’re heading to the hills this summer it’s recommended to always be prepared for any changes in weather, and carry a charged cell phone. And always make sure someone knows where you’re going.

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