Custer continues to clean up after flood


CUSTER, SD — Three days after torrential downpour dropped 6 inches of rain near Custer, causing flooding and evacuations, the community continues to clean up.

As homeowners deal with property damage and flooded basements, people from across the Black Hills are gathering to pitch in. Sump pumps are working overtime in Custer, removing water from homes along French Creek.

On Sunday the water receded,  giving the community a chance to survey the damage.

People in Custer are turning their lives inside out salvaging things from their homes and basements and putting it in the front yard in hopes that it will dry out.

Jenny and Chuck Ferraro were at home with their two kids during the storm. They say their basement took on 8 feet of water.

“We have a 2-year-old, he was screaming, he was scared” said Chuck Ferraro, “Our other son, he’s 10. He was worried about the cat and everything so I said were going out for ice cream! We went out to Rapid and ended up staying at (Jenny’s) parents house at Buffalo Gap.”

The Ferraros are just one family dealing with flooding and ruined possessions.

They’re working to preserve important documents, family photos and memories.

“We’ve had some tragedies in our life, and some of the memories of those tragedies got lost,” continued Ferraro “That’s the hardest thing I think.”

Friends from their church in Hill City all traveled down to Custer to lent a hand in the cleanup, sifting through soaked furniture, toys and clothes.

As community members continue to clean up, the Red Cross is pitching in as well. They’re providing food, water and cleanup kits for people with flood damage in their homes.

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