Custer celebrates over 70 years of fireworks on the 4th

CUSTER, S.D. — The town of Custer is celebrating over 70 years of fireworks display thanks to the efforts of the Custer Volunteer Fire Department.

The display takes place on Pageant Hill every 4th of July. The hill has many trails and open areas which allows for easy access in case a fire does occur.

During the COVID-19 pandemic people are encouraged to social distance themselves from others, but this fireworks display can be seen throughout town.

Chief Timothy Parsons, Custer Volunteer Fire Department, said “One of the other unique things with Custer is you don’t have to go up to Pageant Hill to see the show you can see it from just about anywhere in town.”

In the past the display was laid out and lit by hand, but now the show is controlled electronically for added safety.

There is always a risk of fire, but the Custer VDF will have lots of help for the event in case something were to happen.

“Fire danger is always a potential and with fireworks it always sees the potential you know to spark a wildfire like I said here in Custer though we have a lot of resources that come in, the forest service, state wild land and so a lot of the local departments like to come up and help out.” said Parsons.

The 4th of July Custer fireworks display will begin at 9:30 p.m. Saturday night.

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