Crosswalks, cars, and construction – drivers and pedestrians must watch out for each other

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The case of the Walking brothers is not a typical pedestrian-vehicle death, but following the recent deaths of several pedestrians the Rapid City Police Department is encouraging pedestrians and drivers to watch out for each other.

Temperatures are increasing, and so are the number of pedestrians getting out and about. It can be expected that pedestrian-related accidents and fatalities will also increase, and it’s everyone’s concern.

“Pedestrian safety is of course a two-way street between pedestrians and motorists, and the obligations that they must fulfill,” said RCPD public information officer, Brendyn Medina. “For pedestrians, we want them to be navigating their way to cross walks. Cross when you have the light, cross when you have the right-of-way. Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street. Highly visible clothing is always a good idea. When it comes to motorists, we just want motorists to increase their awareness.”

One of the most common pedestrian infractions in Rapid City is not using crosswalk areas. It’s particularly important because crosswalks are visible areas, and although pedestrians and drivers alike should be aware of their surroundings, drivers can expect to encounter pedestrians in those areas and prepare themselves. 

“Even though when you might have the right of way as a pedestrian, that isn’t gonna stop a 3 ton vehicle from hitting you,” said Medina. “So always look both ways, make sure that vehicle sees you and is slowing down before you cross the road.”

For those who drink, walking is a better option than driving, but does not eliminate the risk of an accident. So it is important to drink responsibly and work to make the best decisions possible. Always be aware of cross walks or pedestrians that might be wanting to cross in the cross walk areas. Minimize distractions, and just be on the lookout.  With the increase in construction work throughout the city, travelers are also highly encouraged to be alert and have situational awareness.


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