Crazy Horse Mountain Volksmarch

CUSTER, S.D. — Now that summer is approaching, more and more people are gearing up and spending time outside. On Saturday and Sunday, thousands of people took to the trail in Custer for the Crazy Horse Volksmarch.

TheCrazy Horse Mountain Volksmarch is one of the biggest in the world. For the past 34 years, it has been a spring tradition in the Black Hills.

People from all over the world attend just to be face-to-face with the historic monument. It is a 6.2-mile trek through a trail and up the mountain.

The Black Hills Volkssport Association hosts the Crazy Horse march three times a year. These are the only times that people are allowed to climb the entire mountain. Each year about 10,000 people of all ages attend the march.

Volksmarching is a non-competitive sport that involves hiking and biking through scenic areas. It draws its name from the German language meaning people’s march.

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