Crazy Horse Memorial partners with SD colleges in education opportunities

CRAZY HORSE, S.D. — The Crazy Horse Memorial has entered into a partnership with South Dakota State University, and the Indian University of North America.

This effort will give students the chance to learn more about native culture and community.

Educational opportunities are growing for both native and non-native students in the Black Hills thanks to the new partnership.

As part of the new program, students will enroll in five courses, the equivalent of fifteen college credits.

The program will be similar to a study abroad model where students will do case studies all throughout the Black Hills centered around stewardship of culture, community, and the environment.

“They’re also going to be learning about leadership and sustainability, and they’re going to be able to take this back to their communities,” says Indian University of North America Director, John Little. “So we’re really excited about that partnership.”

It’s a certificated program and the credits can be accepted by colleges and universities, if the institution so chooses.

The entire program is funded by the Crazy Horse Memorial, and the co-CEO says the Memorial’s founders always encouraged education.

“A place of education for young people to learn and go back to their own reservations and help their own people,” says Crazy Horse CEO, Jadwiga Ziolkowski. “That’s why we are so thrilled to be a part of this because it’s a huge step towards that process.”

The program is open to all students at these institutions, no matter what degree they are pursing. All they have to do is enroll.

“The program is available for everyone, however it is really directed towards American Indian students, and those students that are interested in working in Native American communities upon returning from their school,” says SDSU Research and Extension Director, Kristi Cammack.

The program will be open for enrollment for the fall 2020 semester.

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