Crash leads Wyoming Highway Patrol to warn drivers to slow down for emergency workers

LYMAN, WY — Wyoming Highway Patrol is warning motorists to slow down and be cautious while passing emergency workers on the road after a serious accident near Lyman.

Authorities were called to the scene of a crash on Interstate 80 around 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Before the accident occurred, a tow company had been called to help a U-Haul that was stuck in the median.

As the tow truck worker was in the process of helping the stuck vehicle, a passing 2015 Freightliner lost control and collided with the U-Haul and tow truck.

The Freightliner was hauling packed apples, which caught fire after the collision.

The drivers of the U-Haul and tow truck were outside of their vehicles at the time of the collision.

The U-Haul driver was struck by the tractor-trailer and sustained injuries. He was transported to the Evanston Regional Hospital. The tow truck driver did not sustain injuries in the crash.

Driving too fast for winter road conditions and failing to move over for emergency workers is being investigated as contributing factors.

As a result of the accident, Wyoming Highway Patrol has issued a warning to motorists to use caution when passing stopped emergency vehicles.

Wyoming state law requires drivers to slow down or move over for emergency vehicles on the shoulder of roadways, a precaution that helps ensure emergency workers make it home safely to their families.



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