Craft Beer Week off to a strong start

RAPID CITY, S.D. — To begin festivities for the Black Hills Craft Beer Week, Independent Ale House hosted its rare beer festival.

The Ale House had plenty of flavors on tap to choose from, ranging from sweeter flavors to more bitter and fermented flavors. Some beers served are a bit older, taking years to mature and making them rare and hard to find.

“A lot of the beers we run today are all big, bold flavor beers,” said Justin Henrichsen, owner of Independent Ale House. “You pick up a lot of barrel aging from some of them. They’ve sat in wine barrels or bourbon barrels for multiple years and then they bring the beer out when the time is right.”

Most guests ordered a set of sample sized 4 ounce portions, letting them try a bit of everything.

“It’s the one day a year we do what most people consider flights,” Henrichsen said. “You buy a card, and you get six beers to sample whatever you want on the menu.”

And the guests themselves were a diverse crowd, with beer judges and beer fanatics mixing in with people who are just looking for a good time.

The Independent Ale House will hosting several events this week to honor Black Hills Craft Beer Week, which is also the biggest beer celebration in the State.

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