COVID-19 notifications for RCAS parents

Rapid City, S.D. — Rapid City Area Schools open on Tuesday and although schools will open with enhanced safety measures, parents have questions concerning COVID-19, how will they know if there’s a school wide spread

RCAS superintendent Lori Simon says she will be looking into COVID cases everyday, and Rapid City school administrators have confirmed that all COVID findings within the district will be disseminated to parents from RCAS, although information received will vary. While all COVID cases will be made public through the new dashboard interface, only the name of the school will be made public. A separate notification will sent to parents from the school with the positive case. 

“It will just say basically, that there’s been a positive case within the building, and then it will give some symptoms to watch out for,” said RCAS community relations manager, Katy Urban. “And then we will also be doing an investigation. We’re working with the department of health and our school nurses, and they will call any close contacts that are identified of the positive case.”

Specifics will only be available to people who may have been in close contact with individuals who tested positive, who will then also be encouraged to quarantine for two weeks.

“Our students would still be able to do their work from home, they would just access some of those online lessons and things like that, that our teachers are already putting in place, because at level 2 students are only going 2 days a week, so the other days are remote learning,” said Urban.

Pending an outbreak, the decision to increase safety measures will be amended on a school by school basis, but RCAS is not expecting a major shutdown in the near future, although they are prepared for whatever COVID throws their way.

“We are gonna start in level 2, and we know that things are fluid and can change,” Urban said. “But there is no, we don’t know what’s gonna happen in 2 weeks. We are hopeful that we will be in class, but that could change, things are changing daily.”

Through the new dashboard website, parents can stay updated on active cases, total cases, closures and see the RCAS COVID-19 plan.

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